RolyPoly Positive Red Girls Tights Bermuda Team


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rolypoly Positive Red Girls Tights Bermuda Pack (RP2483-C-V2) rolypoly Positive Red Girls Tights Bermuda above type filled with different colors and patterns on the team red background has a T-shirt down vertically disposed. form a great duo for your children bermuda designed with tights in plain black. Bermuda our team 96% cotton, 4% spandex blended; consisting of yarn thickness from place to place in a different effect coat is used to produce the fabric touched, light is manufactured from single-ply knitted fabric. It can be used all day long and do not sweat. RolyPoly Positive Red Young Girls Tights Bermuda teams combed cotton yarn used in the production of a smooth surface, depending on the features, a solid structure and a less hairiness; It has the flexibility thanks to elastane in the content.

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