Hulk Licensed Dark Bejmelanj Boys Child Long Arm Pajamas Team


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HULK Licensed Dark Bejmelanj Male Child Long Arm Sleepwear is a highly special design of Hulk, from the most loved heroes of Marvel Universe. . The beige color forming the floor in the top piece of the team is decorated with a gigantic hulk figure in green. It is also included in the top of the team “Avengers” in the top of the team designed to feel their favorite heroes as deep as in casual life. In addition, Hulk Licensed Dark Bejmelanj Boys Child Long Arm Sleepwear In the lower part of the “HULK” and “Avengars” details are included in minimal writings. The team that mediates the integration of their boys with his favorite heroes will make the most comfortable felt of daily life and the sleep process.
stock code: D4625-C-V1
Brand: Avangers
Color: dark beige melange Fabric content: Top Fabric: 100% Cotton, Bottom Fabric: 100% Cotton
< Strong> Fabric Type: Top Fabric: Suprem, Bottom Fabric: Suprem

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