Arnetta Flowering Navy Blue Women’s Wide Cases Pajamas

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Arnette Flowered Navy Blue Woman Long Arm Sleepwear has an extremely special design in the center of Navy Lacifert and flower patterns. In the top piece of the team designed on the adaptation of simplicity and mobility, the flower patterns dominated by their white tones are included. The minimal white lines in the tip zone of the flower patterns in the general design of the overall design, white flowers have made a stagnant and impressive appearance. In the lower part of the team, a comfortable design is adopted in which the only one color is used. In addition, Arnetta flowering navy blue woman long arm pajamas is also noteworthy with fabric properties. The team with 50% modal and cotton fabrics are suitable for use with elegance and comfort in all seasons home environment. Has a wide range of body.
stock code: AR1487-S-V1
Brand: Arnette
Color: Navy … Strong> Fabric Content: Top Fabric: 50% Cotton 50% Modal, Lower Fabric: 50% Cotton 50% Modal
Type of fabric: Top Fabric: Suprem, lower fabric: Suprem

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